Victorinox Walker red, 0.2313

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Victorinox Walker red

For your everyday adventures or if you plan a Sunday walk or a hike, with the Walker you are well equipped for any eventuality. This compact pocket knife packs nine features, including the combination tool with bottle opener, can opener, screwdriver and wire stripper. Get those sausages roasting over an open fire, in no time at all, with the all essential wood saw.


  1. large blade 
  2. Combination tool with
  3. -can opener
  4. -screwdriver
  5. -wire stripper
  6. -cap lifter
  7. woodsaw 
  8. key ring 
  9. toothpick 
  10. tweezers 


Color Red
Length 84 mm
Width 23 mm
Height 13 mm
Net Weight 35 g

Folding multi-tool blade under 3 inches