Kaweco Dia Kawecomat Multifunction Pen Black C.C.

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Kaweco Dia Kawecomat Multifunction Pen Black C.C.

Already around 1925 a Kaweco pocket filler was presented for the first time, which followed the taste and the requirements of the market and which lasted over the decades.
The Kaweco Sport, the first pocket-sized pen, ideal for travel, leisure, sports and office use
became a perennial favorite.

- 3 pens in one pen: pens, highlighters and mechanical pencil with 0.7mm refills
- Individual functions are achieved by turning
- Pens and highlighters are small plug-in leads that are available in different colors:
- Blue
- Black
- red
- Green
- High quality acrylic molded parts
- Solid brass clip

The Kaweco Dia Kawecomat multifunction pen is delivered in the corresponding gift box.